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Just my gallery.


All sorted.
aka Tomodatchi Collection: New Life, is finally making it overseas!

(Because there's 2 variations)

I can't wait to get it, but I'm going to be late for the party.
I'm fed up with being a poor college student.

Buuut since my birthday is a month after this is released....I know what to do. >=3

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United Kingdom

Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend

lol, I'm forever in your face, people.

Me + One Direction = :icongunplz::icononedirectionplz::iconexitplz:

This is me half the time: :iconvandanceplz:

I don't do requests, commissions (either for points or for nothing), art trades or prints. But I do gifts and collabs. The gifts are done at random times (Christmas, birthdays or for no reason other than to say "I drew dis for ya, 'k?") and collabs are when I feel like it, but only as a large group.
Otherwise, I draw when I want to.

RQ: I Support hotarutomoee Stamp by Misskatt66 even though I'll never see her again.
We're all staying strong.

:rose: :iconmisosoup99: :rose:
10th November 1998-13th June 2013
Her letter to me:

Dear Charlotte,

Thanks for everything,you were always very supporting of me.
I'm up here now,watching anime. XD

Marie <-Tribute pic (uploaded 15th June) <-Tribute episode (uploaded 27th June) <-Birthday episode (supposed upload date: 10th November. Actual upload date: 14th November) <-Tribute piece (uploaded 13th December)

Thank you, for making us smile.

Current series:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Shenanigans (based upon whatever I can think up of, including some elements encountered during gameplay and throwing in some real life stuff, as well. Including references of some funny things, shows etc.):
Episode 1: Moving in and making new friends. (UP)
Episode 2: Trashing the house (party)! (UP)
Episode 3: There's a new face in town!<-This chapter is a tribute to a good friend on here and...she will live on in the series. (UP)
Episode 4: Big Birthday (UP)
Episode 5: Sibling Rivalry (UP)
Episode 6: Summer! (UP)
Episode 7: An exploration and summer fireworks (UP)
Episode 8: Harvest Moon festivities (UP)
Episode 9: Autumn mayhem (UP)
Episode 10: Halloween night and scary stories (UP)
Episode 11: Fond Farewells, New Beginnings (UP)
Episode 12: An Autumn Birthday (UP)
Episode 13: The Rather Dangerous Bet. (UP) <- this starts of the arc of the same name.
Episode 14: Thanksgiving (UP)
Episode 15: Winter is coming, we must hurry! (UP) <-This will involve rehersing for the Winter Solstice celebrations in the following episode.
Episode 16: Winter Solstice (UP) <-A fan-variation of "Equestria Girls" aka "Helping Twilight Win the Crown" will be in this episode and this wraps up the Rather Dangerous Bet arc.
Episode 17: Christmas fun (UP)
Episode 18: Valentine's Day (UP)
Episode 19: Snow chaos (UP)
Episode 20: Cherry Blossom time! (UP)
Episode 21: Easter fun (20th April 2014)
Episode 22: Crisis at the beach!! An old face returns. (27th April 2014)
Episode 23: Best friend birthday. (8th May 2014)
Episode 24: Sibling birthday. (Late May 2014)
Final Episode (Episode 25): One year on. (14th June 2014)

AC:NL-S Shorts 1: Father's Day (made this for my dad) (UP)
AC:NL-S Shorts 2: Another Day at Work (UP)
AC:NL-S Shorts 3: Totally Worth It (planned out whole thing already, including song and punchline. Due to what's going to happen, a new first victim of the prank needs to be cast)
AC:NL-S Shorts??: Mother's Day (it may or may not be uploaded, depending on my mum's health)

Well, I'm just a regular ol' teen, with a few bits taken out.
I spend my time doing things that a lot of the female population of my old school would deem "abnormal"

I play video games quite frequently and have gotten good at them, so I'm a bit of a hardcore gamer. I once beat a boy from the year below. That shows how good I am and the fact that he was a n00b. Sometimes, the skill comes naturally to me. Of course, I could be having "off days", just like everyone else. I have to pick up new skills within a matter of moments - I am a gamer, like I said.

I can be fiercely defensive over the people I care about. Friends and family are certainly included.
Also, do not do anything that'll piss me off on purpose. Then you'll discover the other side of me - who is like a demon, only on a much smaller scale and when that happens over a period of time, it will be a while until I recover and if something else is going on (school, exams etc.), the recovery process is prolonged.
Honestly, one idiot found out the hard way, so unless you have a death wish, please keep out of my way when I'm annoyed - I'm just trying to calm down and I'd like people to leave me alone until I'm calm.
Doing something I like doing helps a little, mainly when it's kicking peoples' rear ends, whether I'm training in a martial art or just playing video games which mainly involves winning - like Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

Overall, I'm a nice person who tends to fav stuff and run on dA. :P So feel free to come and say hi. =) I don't bite.

Harry Potter
Harvest Moon
Animal Crossing
Old Disney (like Mulan, The Lion King)
Making jokes
Uploading stuff
Quoting stuff (the funnier, the better)
Old-school stuff - bands, movies and maybe the odd show. Star Trek's good.
Quiz shows
Comedy shows (Mock the Week, Have I Got News for You? and Russell Howard's Good News)
Watching idiots make fools of themselves on TV (The Apprentice is a good example)

New Disney (excluding the animated films, like Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph)
People with no manners and/or standards and/or appear to come from the shallow end of the gene pool
Annoying people - there's a fine line between 'fan' and 'pest', so please, do not cross that line. (I'm sure :icongeneralgibby: agrees here)
Mean people
People who shove their opinions down others' throats and/or refuse to listen to others' opinions and/or regard them as "invalid"
One Direction, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black AKA the disgraces of the music industry
Crazy fans who go "ZOMG, HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE *enter name of crappy band, book series etc.*?????!!!1!one!11!eleven!11!!!!!!"
Anything that disgraces the media industry in general
Rabid fans

My pals? Well, I tend to stay by myself, but I like making friends and chatting to them.

Other stuff:
Team: Potter!
Favourite ice-cream flavour: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Raspberry - too many to name. I love ice-cream.
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Honey
Style: The casual. Doesn't bother with anything fancy.
Single []
Taken []
Mentally dating a fictional character [x]

Upcoming series of fanfictions:

:star: Pokémon: Through her eyes
Season 1:
Book 1: The Beginning.
Prologue: Discovering the truth
Chapter 1: A family visit.
Chapter 2: Starting out and a white blur in the sky.
Chapter 3: The journey from Accumula Town to Striaton City.
Chapter 4: VS Cilan.
Chapter 5: The Dreamyard Mystery.
Chapter 6: Striaton to Nacrene, by any means!
Chapter 7: VS Lenora.
Chapter 8: The Confusing Pinwheel Forest.
Chapter 9: Skyarrow Bridge and Castelia City.
Chapter 10: VS Burgh.
Chapter 11: Casteliacones; the treat of Castelia City.
Chapter 12: Route 4's intense sandstorm.
Chapter 13: The weird ruins.
Chapter 14: Area 28.
Chapter 15: Nimbasa City's confusing subways.
Chapter 16: To Anville and back.
Chapter 17: VS Elesa.
Chapter 18: Supermodel as well as Gym Leader?
Chapter 19: A Day of Sightseeing.

Book 2: Further adventures in Unova
Chapter 1: The Lostlorn Forest and a Mysterious Pokémon
Chpater 2: Route 5's Performer's Square.
Chapter 3: Charizard Bridge and Driftveil City.
Chapter 4: VS Clay.
Chapter 5: Chargestone Cave's maze.
Chapter 6: Mistralton City and Skyla the pilot.
Chapter 7: VS Skyla.
Chapter 8: Mistralton Tower
Chapter 9: Route 7 and Celestial Tower.
Chapter 10: Twist Mountain's confusing maze.
Chapter 11: So long Twist Mountain, hello Icirrus City!
Chapter 12: VS Brycen.
Chapter 13: Dragonspiral Tower's legend.
Chapter 14: Panic on Route 8! A blazing fireball from the white dragon.
Chapter 15: Tubeline Bridge and Route 9's shopping centre.
Chapter 16: Opelucid City's crisis! A young student on top of the transmitter.
Chapter 17: VS Drayden.
Chapter 18: To the Village of Dragons!
Chapter 19: To Lacunosa Town!
Chapter 20: From Lacunosa to Undella!
Chapter 21: From Undella to Humilau and back.
Chapter 22: The Legend of the Ruins.

Book 3: Serious battles.
Chapter 1: Vertress City! Time for the league!
Chapter 2: Preliminary round, 1 on 1!
Chapter 3: First round, begin!
Chapter 4: Second round, start!
Chapter 5: Third round, let's go!
Chapter 6: VS Cofagrigus?! An old fear resurfaces.
Chapter 7: Reflection.
Chapter 8: Serious training.
Chapter 9: Helping out the little sister
Chapter 10: The Subway Convention!
Chapter 11: VS The Subway Bosses
Chapter 12: Shattered confidence
Chapter 13: Go abroad and regain confidence?

Book 4: Kanto adventures
Chapter 1: Nuvema to Pallet with little sister
Chapter 2: Squirtle and Charmander

This covers the main character's experiences over a 15-year period. While it'll simply take forever to do each insert in each episode, I'm thinking of doing a list of each insert per episode, summed up in a few sentences. And it'll be the same with the flicks, according to the timeline of events in the anime.

Season 2:
*Got a few ideas, but idk how to put them. Got a few chapters outlined, including the final chapter and epilogue*
Chapter 1: The Perfect Family?

Chapter ??: Calling out
Chapter ??: What really happened 20 years ago
Chapter ??: Final battle
Chapter ??: 13 years...
Chapter ??: We're finally going home
Final chapter: Sacrifice (takes place 17 years after "We're finally going home", but loads of things are happening between then and the final chapter)
Epilogue: A New Beginning (takes place 2 months after "Sacrifice")

This is going to be a lot darker than Season 1, as it focuses more on darker topics, as the main character is a young adult, then adult, then middle-aged (would never make it to old age due to final chapter). Covers a 26-year period, 11 more than Season 1.

dA family:
Real-life sister: :icontheshapeshifter100:
Sisters: :iconcaitlinthelucario:
Brothers: :iconsebo3e: :iconranze-the-lucario:
Cousins: :iconhobymiiofficiel:

And now, time for a collection of random crap!
Fav and RUN - stamp by JWiesner Not popular and happy by prosaix Lucario Fan Stamp by Eclipsis
Never enough sleep by prosaix Stamp - Kodai got PWNED by Koutetsuban Sailor Moon Love by MyMeloGal2
BRB- Intense Moment by Quando-Quando Harvest Moon Stamp by BLUE-F0X Well, they do! by Catthylove
Harvest Moon Angelo Love Stamp by DaMee-Momma This is why we can't have nice things by SprinkleKrisKris A Valentines Special by Senzi
One Direction - Stamp by BreakingSasuke Sorry...One Direction Stamp by MaliciousVanity Rock Star by fricken-pimp
~Anti-One Direction Stamp~ by ThePrincessOfChaos One Direction Hater (Directionater) stamp by vi0letdream Sinnoh Battle Frontier Brains STAMP by MetaKnightFan17
Veronica Taylor fan stamp by Fran48 Pikachu / Ash - Thank you Stamp by PHBC Request: Pokesilver Shipping by Akimi-Chan15
DA Stamps - Twilight. by Loser-Kid05 My First Stamp! (A.K.A Anti ProtonConroy Stamp) by PeachSapling ONE DIRECTION~~~~~ by SuperPoko
Anti-1 Direction stamp. by Boeing767 OMG 1 DIREKSHIN ZUCKZZ!1111 by 5oulCore I Prefer U2 Over 1D by Stitchlovergirl96
fav-ninja by CookiemagiK Haruka Fan Stamp by Parastorm Pearlshipping STAMP by TrainerKelly
Favorites Raider Stamp by In-The-Machine Satoshi Ash Face Stamp by Kevfin .Sir Aaron Stamp. by Random-411
Gym Leader Cheren by Marlenesstamps BW2 Cheren Stamp by Pure-Resonance N Stamp by NowellsStamps
Misty left - still watch Stamp by SA948-Stamps Stamp: Haruka :D by Endless-Mittens Stamp - Pout by Endless-Mittens
All Pokemon Group support by SA948-Stamps You're NOT everyone by SA948-Stamps Humor by SA948-Stamps
USE THEM DAMMIT by SA948-Stamps RSEmake stamp by MonochromePixel :thumb183505406:
New accounts by SA948-Stamps Bullying by SA948-Stamps
The Internet by SA948-Stamps Character design stamp by SA948-Stamps Respect is not Sugar Coating by SA948-Stamps
By Me, for Me by savagebinn Riolu Stamp2 by NoNamepje
Riolu stamp by Annchyka Ash Stamp by SilversChance Poke and Negai stamp by Psychokid999
Proud to be Me Stamp by Crystal-Artist USA is not the world by Soulia Love doesn't care by Demachic
Lucario Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Cilan is not a Brock clone by SA948-Stamps AshXAngie Stamp by laprasking
MY Artwork, MY Gallery. by Ashy666 Ash and Delia Ketchum Stamp by AiselnePN Try Honesty by stuck-in-suburbia
Equal Rights FTW by stuck-in-suburbia Open Minded by foreverastone So Stop Making People Feel Like It by endler
Pokemon: Voice Actresses of Satoshi/Ash by Vulpixi-Stamps True Friendship Stamp by Mirz123 The Hunger Games by Maximum-Olympian13
WhyShouldIWorryWhyShouldICaaa-aaaaare by endler Yeah, even I'm emotional towards movies. by The-Legend-Of-Burai Endless Zoruas by Minorkrama
Art theft is a crime by signmeupscotty Pokemon: Pocket Monsters Anime by Vulpixi-Stamps Skyward Sword: Link and Groose stamp by TiuanaRui
..Ever Wonder.. Stamp by SailorSolar lemme show you by Dametora The Golden Rule Stamp by SparkLum
Million People Stamp by SparkLum Animal Crossing Stamp by Stampsandcrap Harry Potter Obsessed by Raven-LaLupa
History by black-cat16-stamps 2000s Nostalgia by SA948-Stamps Except There Is Not Always A Redo Button by RebiValeska
Stop complaining by CyberLatiosDragon77 Stamp: Growing Up by 8manderz8 Leave me out of your dramas please. by World-Hero21
Pokemon: Red and Counterparts by Vulpixi-Stamps ''Ash Ketchum'' stamp by tailsdude12 I would donate, but... by xXunovianXx
No Stamp by Ashy666 Maylene Stamp Revamped by littiot People should by JediSenshi
Trolling isn't... by Firework154 Another apocalypse... by prosaix video game stamp by silver-escape
Dont steal my art by Wolven-Sister OUTA MY FUCKING WAY by Ry-Spirit Female Gamer and Artist by Miho-Nosaka-stamps
Girl Fight FAN stamp by kiraradaisuki Caramelldansen by muslma Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX
Victini stamp by salanchu + + Stamp + + by eikosalia Drawing is my "Partying" by Miho-Nosaka-stamps
I love Pokemon: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNeko Judge Book Cover Stamp by Mirz123 Cameron stamp by SA948-Stamps
Everything I like is OVERRATED by Wolena You support your pairings and I'll support mine! by Monkeychild123 Champion Iris by Marlenesstamps
Oops I blinked stamp by Strawberryshakex ponyo stamp by rai-doo I can still feel you there ... by Synfull
Mew Float Stamp by RinixKiyoshi Ponyo Sosuke Kiss stamp by TwilightProwler Poke Fan for life. by DesuSigMaker
Stamp - Iris wtf by Endless-Mittens Pokemon: When that Hat Turns... by Vulpixi-Stamps Dont Dis the 5th by Miya902
Victini and Ash Stamp by RinixKiyoshi Real Pokemon fans don't bitch by KooboriSapphire Support the Pokeman Games by zafara1222
500 Internal Server Error!!! by miontre stamp: awesome friends by imgoingtothemoon It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008
Pika Transformation Stamp by Drake09 Angry Piplup Stamp by Drake09 Pokestamptastic - Fufufu by GBIllustrations
Brock Obama Stamp by Kevfin Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123 looking into collections stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz
All Seasons Good Points STAMP by TrainerKelly Cats Aren't Evil Stamp by the-ocean-sings Too Many Stamps Stamp by blackangelyume
I support what's important, and the fandoms I'm part of.

:icontheshapeshifter100: :iconwasplz: :iconhereplz:
:iconprtartist: :iconsaysplz: Hey! >_<
:icontheshapeshifter100: :iconsaysplz: ha ha. :D

Potter-nerd by TheHalfBloodPierrot

My birthday badge

I also do not tolerate art thieves, as art theft is like any other theft. It is immoral and wrong to steal, regardless of what you're taking that doesn't belong to you without the original owner's permission.
This should give you an insight on why we hate it:
Razor Hates Art Theft by YoshiMan1118
If anyone takes any of my work without my consent and/or without me knowing, you will be CHARCOAL TOAST!

One more thing, this is me to any hater that comes on here:
Give a damn by 10n3w01f
In other words...I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!

Current Residence: YouTube is my hideout. Not going anywhere...yet.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small ladies, maybe?
Favourite genre of music: Anything.
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Windows XP
Wallpaper of choice: Decent pieces of artwork
Favourite cartoon character: Satoshi aka Ash Ketchum.
Quote: Too many to reel off the tongue.

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